The Island

The Piedade Island is a luxurious private property located at the most privileged area of Angra dos Reis "The Kings Bay". Town and Country Magazine call it "The Brazilian Eden" and it was considereted the most beautiful and luxurious private property in the southern Hemisphere. It offers complete privacy to their guests.

It's 2hr and 30 min by car, and 30 min by helicopter from Rio de Janeiro.

Welcome to the Island!

Piedade Island Aerial view
Piedade Island Aerial view
Atlantic forest

The Piedade Island has a charming Beach House with a veranda, living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom.

The guest house has a full veranda, four suites with air conditioning. Three of them have double beds and the forth has twin beds (that can also be a double bed). Six separate bungalows also have air conditioning, safe and compact refrigerator. In each of these the maximum occupation is two adults. In case of children, there is enough room for a third person.

With three private beaches, guests can also enjoy a steam room, barbecue area next to the beach, full size regulation tennis court, football field, heliport, a wonderful deck and WiFi network.

At the top of the island there is a large pavilion surrounded by a spacious veranda. It has a piano, bar, game room with billiards, TV, DVD, stereo, living room and dining room, bathrooms and kitchen. From there you can enjoy a view of the entire bay and nearby islands.

The Piedade Island has permanent employees, including a Gourmet Chef. The electricity comes from the mainland and there is a backup generator. The water is crystal clear, pure and comes from a private spring on the hill.

Two small boats can be used for leisure.

The weather is always pleasant and the sea temperature is around 27ºC. The bay water is clear, calm, warm and delicious for your swimming.